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Top Ten Tuesday: Best/Worst Series Enders

Top Ten Tuesday
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October 8th
Top Ten Best/Worst Series Enders
(Best to Worst)

1. [Best] The Color of Heaven by Kim Dong-Hwa

Though the ending to this book was not super shocking or a total revelation, it was sweet and happy. It concluded this trilogy very well and leaves the future open for welcoming possibilities.

2. [Best] White by Ted Dekker

Technically, this is not the last book in this series, but the 4th book can be read as book #0 or book #4, so I count this as being the conclusion. I really can't complain here, to be honest. It was a perfect ending, though not all rainbows and ponies like my first pick for this list. There is death, and sacrifice, and it is beautiful.

3. [Best] The Pirate's Wish by Cassandra Rose Clarke

Another very good ending for a series, in this case a duology. Again, not as perfect and fairy-tale like as my first pick, but the story wraps up very nicely and we leave the main character with a feeling of completion. We also see that she gets something she's always wanted her own of, and it makes for a very good conclusion.

4. [Best] Eona by Alison Goodman

More death. More meaningful sacrifice. Perfect ending.

5. [Okay] Rise by Anna Carey

So, there wasn't anything I felt was glaringly bad about this ending to this trilogy, but I also didn't feel an overwhelming sense of good to it. It was just a sort of "Eh.. okay" conclusion.

6. [Okay] Heaven by Alexandria Adornetto

Just another "... Okay" ending.

7. [WorstThe Rising by Kelley Armstrong

The ending of this book had a sort of "perfect fairy tale ending" being that the characters pretty much all got what the wanted in the end. However, because of the fact that the people who gave them their happy ending were the people they were running from during the course of all three books, I just felt this ending was too open ended in a way that made me want to know more information. Open endings are nice, but not when they leave you with unanswered questions that have to do with previous plot points.

8. [Worst] Shades of Earth by Beth Revis

I think overall I liked this book, but as the conclusion to a series, I felt the ending in particular was too cliche. Things look good, then bad, then good, then bad, then okay, then really really good at the very end. I almost wish that Amy didn't get her "happy ending" because I felt that that would have been more realistic and made me appreciate the ending more.

9. [Worst] Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
There are two ways for me to judge this book as a conclusion to such a great series. A) The entire book. or B) The very last chapter.

If I were to base it off A), I would have to say this was one of the worst conclusions to a a trilogy I have ever read. Just the sheer amount of time spent doing nothing, then jumping straight into the action and killing off two of my favorite characters was really just ridiculous Compared to the first two books in this series, this last one was a huge disappointment.

However, if I base my decision off of B), I would think this is not such a bad ending, just because I like how concluded everything felt in the future with Katniss, Peeta and their new life together.

10. [???] Earth by Terra Harmony

I still can't form a coherent thought around all my feels that are screaming




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