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Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 7 by Hiromu Arakawa

Title: Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 7

Author: Hiromu Arakawa

Book #: 7th of Series

Publisher: VIZ Media LLC

Publish Date: May 16th 2006

Pages: 187

Format: Paperback

Date ReadOctober 29th 2013

  / out of 5

"If anything happens to that boy... I won't hesitate to destroy you."


Where did Alphonse Elric go during the few short minutes he was wiped from existence, body and soul? From a secret lair in the city of Dublith, a group of outcasts kidnaps Alphonse to find the alchemical secrets of his creation! It's up to Ed (and a certain housewife) to go into the Devil's Nest and rescue his brother. But the criminals of the Devil's Nest aren't exactly human either. Now, Al must fight a homunculus - an artificial human being - and the streets of Dublith will run red with blood...
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What I loved about this book the most is the more science-related side that we see of alchemy:

Greed: "What did you do to my shield...?"

Ed: "It was easy enough once I thought about it. You can't make something out of nothing. Therefore your "shield" is being created from something.

You told me yourself that you're created from the same biological material as we humans. And I thought, "what's an element in the body that could become a shield that's stronger than steel?"

The substance that makes up one third of our bodies- carbon. The hardness of carbon varies depending on how the atoms are combined. For example, compare the lead from a pencil with a diamond.

Once I understand the chemistry at work, it's a simple matter of alchemy.

All this beside, though, in this installment, with the kidnapping of Al, we are introduced to more of the same enemies that have been lurking in the background since the beginning. We also see more of the state alchemist serial killer, and what might possibly be the end of his revenge-induced killing. I like how it is still up in the air, though.

Overall, great to see such realistic use of science in the fantasy concept of alchemy! Again, would recommend this series to everyone.

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