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Cracked by Eliza Crewe

Title: Cracked

Author: Eliza Crewe

Book #: 1st of Series

Publisher: Kodansha Comics

Publish Date: November 5th 2013

Pages: n/a

Format: Kindle Edition

Date Read: October 15th 2013

  / out of 5

But if she doesn't like my plan she can find another ghost-seeing, soul-eating, monster- I haven't come across one in seventeen years, but she's welcome to try. As Mom always said, there's an easy way to do something, and the right way.

Then again, she also said I shouldn't play with my food.


Meda eats the souls of the people who she preys on and, while it's hard at times not to give in to her primal urge, she tries only to kill people who deserve it. Since her mother's death, though, she wants to find out more about herself. Trouble is, she is currently being housed in an insane asylum.

When her chance finally comes to escape, she ends up with more than she bargained for. Meda finds herself stuck with a group of people who are trained to kill people just like her. Fortunately, she isn't who her rescuers think she is, though she manages to pull it off. How far will she go, though, to get the information she is looking for?

ReviewI received a free copy of this book for review.

This was a truly painful reading experience for me. Disclaimer: My opinions are mostly based on my personal preference for a certain kind of writing style and protagonist.

I have to give some sort of credit to this book, because it definitely has an... unique female protagonist with an... interesting language. However, it just was not what I am interested in and I don't find it at all appealing.


The Characters

Meda is a bad-ass. It's blatantly obvious through her actions and thoughts that she is, and no part of me doubts that she is tough. In the beginning, I saw this as a pro.
"You like to hurt people, Samson." I say it calmly but I'm on fire.

I squeeze. He pulls at my wrist and his feet swing and kick.

"Shhhhh, it's OK," I saw softly, sweetly, as if I care. Then I drop down to a whisper. "I like to hurt people, too."

However, I just had a hard time connecting to her. I really couldn't see any humanity in her, though, I guess I shouldn't expect anything less. I mean, she eats people. She is just simply not the kind of character that I like reading about. I just felt no emotions from her. 

Not only that, but she had a very strange way of narrating that made it painful to read. She's sarcastic, yes, but would always be sarcastic and it got ridiculous very quickly. And just the way she constantly boasts about herself made me want to slap the egotistical out of her.
Motorcycles. I could crush them in my little hands, pop them as if they were balloons. Quite possibly I could eat them, though passing them might be uncomfortable. I could probably outrun them. But human Meda yelps and whimpers.

"Aren't motorcycles... dangerous?"


I am not a fan of monosyllabic  choppy writing. I like fluent thoughts and complete sentences, and a writing style that uses anything else just does not get along with me.
What? Gulp.


A draw.

Then, how could I forget, all of the eye-roll worthy moments:
I get an eyeful of carved sick-pack abs and bite back a whistle. Demon hunting must be good for the physique. The looks of an angel and yet all it makes me want to do is sin.

This book just contained too many of all of these types of passages and it really ruined my reading experience. It's unique, yes, and I'll give it that. But that's about all I'll give it.

The other characters weren't much better. There is a hotter-than-life guy with a hero complex:
I let a tear trickle over. He hurries to reassure me. "Don't cry- I'll protect you."

And a girl who's best friends with this guy who has a major attitude towards Meda because she's the "new girl" in the situation and who acts grudgingly in every situation.

The Story

For this part, I probably would have given it a better rating if it weren't for everything I just discussed. I think this is the part that had the most potential, but sadly, fell extremely short.

Overall, I can definitely say that this book will be a unique reading experience, but I would also only recommend to read it at your own risk.


He doesn't understand a lot of things. 
I can't wait to enlighten him.

"What are you doing here?" asks the man in the middle.
Yes- I, the girl with the ridiculous haircut and blood-splashed nightgown- am the one who doesn't belong in the insane asylum.

Puffy swipes a finger through a blood smear I left on the wall and licks it.
Holy crap. Maybe they do belong here.

But worries are for people who can't pull grown men apart with their bare hands.

As parties go, the food is good but the hosts are complete assholes.

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