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The Last Princess by Galaxy Craze

Title: The Last Princess

Author: Galaxy Craze

Book #: 1st of Series

Publisher: Poppy

Publish Date: May 1st 2012

Pages: 304

Format: Hardcover

Date Read (Throwback)October 18th 2012

  / out of 5


After a series of natural disaster, the world has become a dark and dismal place. Especially in England.

As what remains of the royal family tries to survive in their castle, a revolutionary who is set on taking the crown makes his attempt to destroy what is left of the monarchy. 

With no experience of surviving in the harsh land outside her castle walls, Eliza must do whatever it takes to claim revenge. Even if it means hiding behind enemy lines.. Even if it means she might be the last Princess


This reminds me a lot of my favorite video game, Fallout 3. It has that whole desolate wasteland theme, yet there is still hope.

While in Fallout 3 the world was devastated by nuclear bombs instead of earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and balls of fire raining down from the Heavens, we find the characters struggling in similar ways in order to survive in the new, cruel world.

I loved the main character. While I was reading and putting myself in her shoes, I kept thinking about how with all that had just happened, I would like nothing more than to crawl back to the palace, and lie on the ground in the ball room and do nothing else. I cried, because of how alone she felt. Yet, she never did that.

There was that nagging idea in her mind: revenge.

She found her family, friends, and love along the way. Best of all, she defeated the man who killed her Mother and Father.

The book ends happily. They have found a way to restore peace and order, as well as grow back the plants that had died over the years.

The very last part was brilliant. I never read a book where the ending finished similar, no.. exactly, the way the beginning started. I just knew there had to be a second book coming and now I cannot wait!

Overall, read this!

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