Saturday, August 31, 2013

DNF: August

Did Not Finish books: August


1. Wither by Lauren DeStefano

Reason for not finishing: Too many holes in the logic of the story. 

Reason for recommending: Not sure.

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2. Adaptation by Malina Lo

Reason for not finishing: Annoying insta-love/romance & plot holes.

Reason for recommending: Interesting story!

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3. Black City by Elizabeth Richards

Reason for not finishing: The characters/romance/world

Pretty much all of the characters in this story are not interesting to me. Ash has a disgusting smoking habit and can't make up his mind between being as asshole towards anything with a heartbeat or actually caring. Natalie, on the other hand, has a snarky side to her like I like, but also lets her self be pushed around and manipulated by her mother and ex-boyfriend body guard. She also seemed like a spoiled brat to me. All of the sides characters, too, just completely unlikable and nothing about them that made me care to know more.

The romance consists of the main characters being "inexplicably drawn to each other" and talk of them being "blood mates" made me roll my eyes. Plus, it ranked of insta-love.

If anything, I probably would have been able to push on if not for the world. It just didn't interest me- like everything else in this story. 

Reason for recommending: I don't know if I would, really.



4. Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

Reason for not finishing: Right from the start, it is hard not to pegged this book as being filled with plenty of sexual tension between a girl and a wolf (who the girl does not know can transform into a human).

So this girl Grace is attacked by wolves.. and she just lays there doing nothing. Then, a wolf stares her *meaningfully* in the eyes and "saves her". Everyday since then, they watch each other from the woods, yearning for one another like secret lovers.

The romance is insanely unbelievable. If I have to hear Grace refer to the wolf as "my wolf" one more time I swear- And I was only 38 pages in when I stopped. The way she thinks about this wolf- and she gets distracted for a whole week of school thinking about him- it's almost as if she knows he's part human. Which she doesn't. Considering how much they know each other (which they don't, at all, besides watching each other from a distance) the amount of time spent thinking of one another was too much.

I can just tell I'm not going to be able to connect to either of the characters. Especially not after Grace says that she "couldn't forgive Jack for dying" because he endangered the safety of "her wolf" by making everyone think they are bloodthirsty and dangerous.

And am I just supposed to just sit here and not think it's weird that Grace's dad calls her mom "Rags" and refers to her as "his pet" in front of Grace, without wanting to gorge me eyes out?

Reason for recommending: Would not.



5. Raven Flight by Juliet Marillier

Reason for not finishing: So boring. I will pick this up again later on.

Reason for recommending: This series is still a great, I think.


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