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Struck by Jennifer Bosworth

Title: Struck

Author: Jennifer Bosworth

Book #: 1st of Series

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux BYR

Publish Date: May 8th 2012

Pages: 373

Format: Hardcover

Date Read: August 15th 2013

Rating★ / out of 5


Mia is a lightening addict. 

She gets struck by lightening...

... A lot.

So you should probably run away now while you still can...


My whole problem with this book began- and should have ended- with the entire idea of Mia, the protagonist, being a "lightening addict". I was never intrigued by that concept to start with, so I don't even know why I bothered at all. I can say, though, that it is a very unique idea and definitely something that hasn't been done very often before. So, kudos to the author for that.

The beginning of the story was okay. Mia is very set in her ways and determined to keep her family safe, despite all the chaos that the world has been thrown into. I liked that about her.

From there, though, it all went downhill for me. The two groups fighting for Mia never really made any sense to me. They both seemed crazy out of their minds, especially the leader of the religious group who formed his own perverse interpretations of The Bible. They were all wackos to me and neither were able to make me appeal to their cause.

The characters were annoying. So annoying. I get Mia wants to save her family and all, but they way she treats her brother just made me want to slap her. The plot basically only moved along because Parker ran off to do what he wanted to do and fight for a cause he wanted to believe in, and Mia ran after him to tell him no that she has to keep the family together. After the third time, I just wanted to slap her and yell at her that she has to realize he is his own person and can make his own decisions. 

There's Katrina, who lies and insults Mia to her face and then goes on and begs Mia to join them. Yeah right.

And then Jeremy with his "beautifully tortured blue eyes" that if I have to hear about one more time I'm going to throw something. He has the wooing technique of stalking, answering questions with questions and telling Mia that she can't handle the truth. 


The romance was insta-love. Mia falls in love with Jeremy because he seems to have good intentions despite the fact that she knows nothing about him and the first time they technically meet, he was breaking into her bedroom, holding a knife over her (except he kind of did justify that..) Their whirlwind romance takes place over three days and ends in sex. Please. I've read better.

Lastly, there is the world building which I found to be terrible.There is no logical explanation for anything

Overall, if you think it sounds interesting, I would say give it a try. However, if it doesn't interest you from the get-go, I would skip it.

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