Saturday, September 21, 2013

X-Men: Misfits by Raina Telgemeier & Dave Roman / Anzu

Title: X-Men: Misfits

Author: Raina Telgemeier & Dave Roman / Anzu

Book #: 1st of Series (discontinued)

Publisher: Del Rey

Publish Date: August 11th 2009

Pages: 192

Format: Paperback

Date Read September 16th  2013

 / out of 5

I guess we all feel a little different from the people around us.


High school student Kitty Pryde has always been the odd girl out. A mutant, she was born with strange superpowers, magical talents that make her the class freak. But Kitty’s world is changed when she’s invited to study at Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, a special home for mutant teens. There’s just one catch: Kitty’s the only girl at the all-boy school, and she ends up just feeling like a freak all over again.

Then Kitty meets Pyro and the ultra-hot bad boys of the Hellfire Club. They’re the school’s elite–handsome, rich, and totally above the rules. Now Kitty seems to have it all: a dreamy boyfriend, super-cool friends, and the chance to develop her extraordinary talents. But why is her heart telling her that something is wrong? Will Kitty ever find the place where she belongs, or is she doomed to be a misfit forever?
(Synopsis taken from Goodreads)


I enjoyed this story, even though it does have some flaws. There were certain aspects of it that I really liked: Kitty it a pretty sassy MC, these people have super powers, and some of the scenes were hilarious. 

Unfortunately, there were some problems I had with it. The relationship between Kitty and Pyro was completely rushed and definitely a case of insta-love. I don't know if that is simply how relationships work in manga, because most of them are pretty short books, but I would have liked more development and substance between the two of them, besides just her being the only girl and him being a very pretty face.

There is also the question raised as to why Kitty is the only girl. Surely, they have found other girls with super powers? I heard the next book was supposed to be about other girls coming to the school, but why only now?

Sadly, there will not be a sequel to this book. I would have liked for there to be, because I really liked some of the friends Kitty makes, the ones that aren't stuck-up mental cases. There is also a hint at a more real relationship for Kitty with one of the characters, and not that rubbish she had with Pyro.

Overall, I can't say that I would completely recommend this, especially with such an open ending and no future books to follow. However, it would be a nice, quick read for you to check out from your library!

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