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Hades by Alexandria Adornetto

Title: Hades

Author: Alexandria Adornetto

Book #: 2nd of Trilogy

Publisher: Feiwel & Friends

Publish Date: August 30th 2011

Pages: 424

Format: Hardcover

Date Read (ThrowbackSeptember 10th  2012

★★ / out of 5


Bethany and Xavier managed to keep their love strong against the struggles they faced in the first book. However, will it be strong enough to survive the depths of Hell?

Can their love survive against all odds?


So, to begin my review I will say that again, I was very very very happy with this book and this trilogy so far. 

I do not know if the author herself is a Christian, but I have never read a book quite like this. It is a religious story, I assume because it talks so much about God and Lucifer, but it is not religious enough that it would deter even a non-believer from reading. I find it great the way the author intertwines the religious and fantasy aspects. 


When this books starts, everything is going somewhat fine and dandy in the lives of Beth and her friends. That is, until she is willingly kidnapped and taken hostage into the underworld.

I do agree that Xavier is a bit of a fantasy himself, being that he is the true image of a knight in shining armor, the kind of guys that we girls really do not see on a daily basis. I think that we can all agree that pretty much every teen romance novel has a overly personified version of "the perfect guy" in it. 

I also have to say that, although I could still see myself in the main character, Bethany, I kept thinking about how uncertain I was about some of her decisions. However, the book had a decently happy ending (the cliff hanging at the end is killing me!) which is mostly important to me. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. Though the idea of angels as guardians isn't completely new to YA, I feel this book does it justice. Then, of course, there is the author writing style which I love. Alexandria has a way of making it impossible for me to stop reading because I absolutely need to know what happens next!

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