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The Color of Heaven by Kim Dong-Hwa

Title: The Color of Heaven

Author: Kim Dong-Hwa

Book #: 3rd of Trilogy

First Second

Publish Date: September 1st 2009

Pages: 320

Format: Paperback

Date ReadSeptember 23rd 2013

  / out of 5

"You can hide things from the world, but you can never hide things from time."


As Ehwa grew from a girl to a young woman in The Color of Earth and The Color of Water, she began to understand and experience love and relationships, with her mother as a model and confidante. Now, in the heartwarming conclusion to this lyrically written and delicately drawn trilogy, Ehwa's true love comes at last, and as her mother looks on, she takes the final steps towards becoming an adult.
(Synopsis taken from Goodreads)


I think this was a perfect conclusion to the trilogy. I loved seeing both Ehwa and her mother grow together over the course of these books and I'm glad that the both got the endings they deserved.

Overall, definitely a quick and enjoyable manga that is perfect for avid graphic novel readers as well as beginners.


"A wound on your skin can be easily healed with ointments, but a wound of the heart needs a good cry to start healing."

"I would rather crawl on my knees searching, than sit and wait, or lie down and wait."

"Since when is love a sin?"

"For nine months, a mother carries and nourishes her daughter in her stomach, then gives birth to her. It's a happy occasion, but the mother's left feeling sadly empty inside. But I realized today that, after raising her within my love and embrace and sending her off in marriage, this day is just as sad and leaves me just as empty as the one when I first gave birth to her."

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