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Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 10 by Hiromu Arakawa

Title: Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 10

Author: Hiromu Arakawa

Book #: 10th of Series

Publisher: VIZ Media LLC

Publish Date: November 21st 2006

Pages: 186

Format: Paperback

Date ReadNovember 1st 2013

  / out of 5

"As long as there's life in my body... I swear I'll never let anther person become a victim in this deadly game!"


Barry the Chopper, the psychopathic killer whose soul is encased in a suit of armor, has been captured by Colonel Mustang's troops. Fearing he will reveal the Philosopher's Stone conspiracy, Gluttony and Lust decide to kill him, using Barry's own original soulless body to track him down! Though Colonel Mustang has anticipated their moves and set up an ambush, Gluttony and Lust prove too powerful and easily fight their way through to Barry, who is being protected by Al and Lieutenant Hawkeye. In a terrible battle, a badly injured Colonel Mustang sacrifices all in a last-ditch attempt to stop Lust!


Things are really getting crazy at the start of this book, and it was hard for me to figure out just exactly what was going on. I knew something was up... and something was! I was glad to see that I was able to keep my faith in one of my favorite characters and that, in the end, his actions in the previous book were explained in this one.

Finally, in this installment, we meet Ed and Al's father. I have my suspicions about him, and I think it's pretty obvious that(view spoiler). Even though we see him leave Ed behind, I know this isn't going to be the last time they meet.

We also learn the disturbing truth about what happened to Winry's parents, and who their deaths are connected to.

And, as we see the joyous reunion with one character, we see the demise of another.

Overall, this book left off on such a cliff-hanger! Can't wait for the next one. Would recommend this series.

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